We have decicated our lives to the betterment of those who are marginalized. 


As young activists, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs, we use our talents, resources, education and networks to give voice to the voiceless and improve the lives of those who are marginalized. 

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

What We've Achieved

After we submitted all our college applications, we realized that without the help of college access organizations that helped us with the application process, we may not have been able to successfully apply to so many great schools. We knew the knowledge we gained during this process was invaluable and it needed to be shared with other students. We wanted to do something about the education gap that prevents low income students from applying and going to college. So we wrote #Admitted, a book that will provides the guidance students need. The first half of the book is centered around how to achieve maximum success in high school and the other half is about conquering and demystifying the college application process. Click here to buy our book. 


We are available for public speaking events. Click here to book us.


Wilglory speaks to the Future Global Leaders fellows at their annual society meeting. 

Kielah speaks at a conference at Washington University in St. Louis. 


  • Kielah and Wilglory are recipients of Google's Pay It Forward Challenge, a Black History Month initiative sponsored by Google that allows change makers to display the important work they are doing to impact the Black community. 
  • Kielah and Wilglory raise $3,060 and sent 200 girls to see the movie Hidden Figures. Inspired by this action, Princeton University sends girls in the community and University students to see the movie together. 
  • As a member on the Talent Advisory Committee, Wilglory helps selects the newest cohort of Future Global Leaders fellows and eventually, Fortis Society members.